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7 Ways A Website Consultant Will Improve Your Website

Biscuit Digital Team

Biscuit Digital Team

7 Ways A Website Consultant Will Improve Your Website

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Every business requires a user-friendly and high-converting website to grow its brand name and to market its services. One cannot expect a website to deliver results by focusing on a few specific aspects. A website should have a design that correlates with the site’s functionality, usability, and user experience.

Why Hire A Website Consultant?

Hiring a website consultant for your company’s website is one of the best ways to:

  • develop your business’s branding, 
  • implement new marketing strategies, 
  • and improve the way you reach out to your target audience. 

When designing a website, you never really know what features might be the right option for your business. But with a credible web consultant and effective strategy, you can eliminate most of that concern in no time. 

User-friendly websites help win prospective customers’ confidence leading to an increase in site traffic and potential sales in future.

With that in mind, here are some of the ways a website consultant can help you build and design your site.

Understanding The Niche Market

Learning about your target audience will give you insights on how you are going to make your site compelling and relevant to your visitors. It is the first thing to consider when you want to improve your website’s UX and UI design. 

UI is the user interface that users see when they visit a site. UX, on the other hand, involves the overall experience users get when using a website.

A website consultant actively encourages and helps you to learn more about your audience and their expectations, so that you can optimise your website to meet the needs of your audience.

Plus, once you know what the audience wants, it will be a lot easier to include those features and make the experience better. There will be difficulties along the line, but it will be all good with the right amount of research, commitment, and support.

Map Out A Website Strategy

It’s always a good idea to map out a comprehensive website strategy to ensure that your website effectively meets your visitors’ needs. 

A website strategy is a long-term business plan indicating how to develop a company’s online presence while adhering to its business development strategy.

So a website consultant will be able to help you with a strategy creation system. You will know what to avoid, what to implement and what features you need. All of that is very important, and you should consider tackling this as quickly as possible for the best possible results in the end.

Making A Website Easy To Navigate

Navigation is an integral part of any website. There is nothing worse than a site with a confusing or disorganised navigation interface. 

When improving your website’s navigation, it is essential to ensure that your visitors can easily find whatever they are searching. 

Moreover, good navigation works well with SEO. It enables search engine bots to index your website efficiently when they crawl your web pages.

A website consultant can assist you in organising your site and making it easy to navigate. Most site visitors usually spend a few seconds to check what they want. If they can’t locate what they are looking for within that period, they will surely exit your site and reach out to a competitor that offers a better user experience.

Optimising Website For Mobile Devices

Stats show that 80% of internet users use their smartphones to access the internet. Also, Google indicated that about 61% of users are unlikely to return to a site if they didn’t find what they were searching. In contrast, 40% tend to visit another website to access whatever information they want.

So if your company’s website is not mobile-friendly, it means that you are already losing a large number of visitors. To generate more site traffic, a web consultant helps site owners to implement UI and UX design that is also mobile-friendly.

Responsive web design typically changes the layout and interface of a site from the desktop version to mobile so that it can navigate quickly and efficiently across all platforms.

Improved Site Speed & Responsiveness

A website consultant can also help your website to load fast. Responsive design and enhanced speed can help solve a lot of problems that you face with your website. 

Mobile-friendly and fast loading sites help improve your rankings in search engines and lower the bounce rate of your website significantly.

Various studies show that nearly 50% of users expect a web page to load in less than 2 seconds. If the page takes more than 2 seconds, much of the site visitors leave the website. Therefore, you should always make sure your website’s load time is around 2 seconds.

Web pages should also be responsive to the user’s input. If they do not offer fast feedback to users’ requests, people will never want to revisit your site. 

A website consultant’s industry expertise helps form strategic decisions that directly contribute to the improvement of your website’s performance; leading to increased leads, conversions and sales, and ultimately business success.

Conduct Testing

As your online presence steadily grows, the need for continuous testing and maintenance of your website increases. 

Regular testing of your website’s performance can help you to avoid costly mistakes. It allows you to develop and optimise strategies to address existing problems to prevent them from recurring in the future. 

It’s important to note that a website consultant conducts mock tests to check on your website’s performance. On finding any elements that do not work optimally, the consultant makes improvements to erase any glitches or bugs and comes up with a renewed version of your website. 

Measuring Traffic & Identifying Broken Links

Measuring traffic is a common way to ensure an efficient and steady online presence. By getting help from a website consultant, you can measure traffic and figure out what value you provide and how people react to your content. 

Once you can increase your website’s traffic and quality of the content, you will be able to increase conversions by turning those visitors to paying customers.

Also, depending on your website’s size, you may have a few pages or links that are not working. In that case, web consultants evaluate whether your site has broken pages or not. 

You may be surprised to find out your previously high-performing webpages as improperly linked or unpublished.


Hiring a website consultant will perpetually help your business to grow, and it’ll be a matter of days before you experience good results. 

A great website consultant has the expertise to improve your website in many ways, including UI/UX design, and all the other aspects discussed above. 

At times there might be some challenges, but with the right amount of planning, it will be worth it. Just make sure to implement the right features and focus on customer value as well as quality.

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