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Great tools for keyword research.: SEMrush - Great tool for PPC SEO Analysis. Ahrefs - Has provide great additional data in he last year with the tool. The data set they have is growing daily for Keywords. Keyword Keg - Another great tool for doing analysis on top search terms. Keywords everywhere chrome plugin - great tool for looking at auto suggest search terms. Kristi Hines - Freelance Writer. My favorite three keyword research tools are Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, and HitTail. 1 Google Keyword Planner allows you to export up to 800 suggestions for most seed keywords and phrases. You can then use them to optimize your main business pages as well as come up with great topic ideas. 2 Ubersuggest shows you what Google suggests when you start typing in keywords. These suggestions can point you to some great long-tail keyword phrases and content ideas. 3 HitTail connects with your Google Webmaster Tools to help you find the not provided keywords that people are searching to find your site - keywords you may not be using as much as you should.
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Make a note in your spreadsheet about the buyer intent for each keyword phrase, or establish a habit for you or your team to check keyword intent before creating content using that keyword or phrase. Keyword research is the foundation of your SEO strategy. Keywords help search engines categorize your content, and they help shoppers find you.
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Verdict: Overall, Serpstat offers a lot for a good price. Its keyword analysis is particularly good. Majestic is another full-suite SEO tool. It helps you track your sites search engine health over time. It includes keyword functionality in the most basic plan.
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While it doesnt matter which SEO keyword research tool you use, for consistency, its best to stick to either Ahrefs or SEMrush. This is because the keyword difficulty scores differ between the two, so if you want to send over a list of keyword research to your client or boss to sign off, it can be difficult comparing sets of keywords if one section came from SEMrush, and the other from Ahrefs. The benefit Ahrefs has over SEMrush, is that it clearly highlights your domain rating DR, number of referring domains and backlinks - and you can access your competitors too. However, as a keyword research tool, SEMrush has a much cleaner look and feel, with the competitor analysis section easier to view and understand.
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In todays digital marketplace, how do you effectively scope out the competition and discover how theyre using search optimization to increase traffic? With a competitor keyword analysis, of course. By using a specialized tool to view what words and phrases your closest competitors are using, you can capitalize on the same process and adjust your overall strategy to attract the same audience. This can also be an excellent way to troubleshoot certain SEO issues and make it easier to identify new opportunities.
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Automating the process of analyzing keywords as well as using that intelligence to power optimization efforts allows SEOs to scale to hundreds of thousands or even millions of keywords. Keywords are the currency of SEO; the more you can analyze and prioritize, the greater your ability to optimize your site with the keywords and phrases that matter most to your customers! Want to get started with SEO keyword analysis? Try requesting Conductors free SEO analysis to find opportunities for your brand. More articles for you. December 2021: A Little Piece of SEO History Shutting Down. What to Know About Content Audits. Get the latest and greatest marketing content delivered to your inbox. Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter. Become a Partner. 30 30 Webinar. Free SEO Tools. Covid-19 Resource Hub. Careers We're' Hiring! All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. We use cookies to ensure that you get the best experience on our website.
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Prepare for your keyword analysis. Know the different types of keywords. Know your audience. Know your Competitive Power. Know the keywords you already get traffic and rank for. Know your share of voice for top industry keywords. Create a keyword research template. How to do keyword research. Finding SEO keywords: How to do keyword research for SEO. Find competitor keywords. Find keyword gaps. Find buyer keywords. Find long-tail keywords. Find low competition keywords. Find related keywords. Finding SEM keywords: How to do keyword research for Adwords.
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Access the Keyword Planner tool. You will need access to your Google Ads account or create a new account using any Google account. Once youve logged in, go to Tools at the top of the page and select Keyword Planner from the dropdown menu.

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