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How SEO is priced? Is CHEAP SEO worth it?

Biscuit Digital Team

Biscuit Digital Team

How SEO is priced? Is CHEAP SEO worth it?

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The nature of SEO means that you have to be ready for a bit of unpredictability and randomness. Understanding SEO and local SEO services pricing can be complicated sometimes. And because various factors come into play, it is almost impossible to provide a one-tier quote for the cost of SEO services. 

Hence, it is highly recommended to communicate with an SEO company of your choice and formulate a marketing plan that will significantly benefit you. 

Following are the main ingredients of an SEO quote:

  • The level of service.
  • The size of your website.
  • Your industry.
  • Your goals.

SEO pricing models:

Cheap SEO packages

There is more than one way to charge for SEO services. There is no real criterion for what SEO agencies charge, but there are three main ways widely used to set up a pricing plan for SEO services:

Hourly SEO consulting services. 

Hourly SEO consulting services provided by high-grade SEO agencies are great for firms who want to develop a strategy for which they will execute on internally. It can either be monthly or on an as-required basis.

The assessments are based on the number of hours spent during a given period, which is usually one month. Often, these hourly prices depend mostly on the experience level and technical refinement of the search engine optimiser.


Transparency and Liability – You will be able to track where your SEO expert is devoting the bulk of their energy and time.

Predictable charges – Having a set hourly rate allows you to budget accordingly, and you will have direct control over how much you are spending.

Best For

Small Websites – If you own a very small website, hiring an SEO company for a few hours will usually be best.

Self-sufficient – If you are planning to manage your SEO crusade yourself but need a little help, an hourly SEO consultant can be an exceptional choice.

Project-based SEO. 

In Project-based SEO, you pay a set fee for a particular task, such as a full SEO audit. It is most common with on-site auditing and technical SEO analysis because this type of work requires less ongoing maintenance than content creation and link building.

Project-based SEO can help businesses maintain a predictable and fixed budget for their SEO needs without requiring an ongoing payment plan. This is especially useful for a company with a limited budget for SEO or those who are looking for cheap SEO packages. 


Lump-sum payment – So you do not have to worry about hourly costs racking up.

Transparent Project Scope – You will agree upon a contract that clearly describes what you will get, and when it will be delivered.

Best For

Websites with particular requirements – If you only want specific or temporary help and have a firm grasp of your SEO needs, SEO project pricing could provide the best value.

Retainer-based SEO

Retainer-based SEO is one of the most prevalent SEO pricing structures. In this full-service package, a business hires an SEO expert to set up an ongoing partnership rather than contracting for one-off projects.

In a retainer SEO program, a business hires an SEO expert/firm on an upfront fee to take care of their optimisation requirements. This type of SEO program usually runs on a recurrent basis, and fee payments are not subjected to particular SEO results.


Throughout maintenance – A monthly SEO retainer means you will have an agency managing your campaign from end-to-end.

Stronger partnership – Working together in an ongoing capacity will lead to better communication and improved trust.

Best For

Complete Outsourcing – This pricing model is ideal if you are committed to long-term SEO, and want to outsource all aspects of your search campaigns completely.

Cohesive Teams – This is an appropriate choice if you are looking for close collaboration with an SEO company that can integrate with their other departments.

Cheap SEO Packages – Is it worth your investment?

Cheap SEO packages

Appearing to your target visitors under the right keywords is vital. But in the continuously changing digital landscape, SEO agencies have to charge quite a whacking fee for Local SEO services 

When it comes to Cheap SEO packages, the old saying “You Get What You Pay For” is undoubtedly true. That is why you should run away from anyone offering Cheap SEO packages. 

In other quarters, a cheap SEO package usually does not get you anything of value. Following are the reasons why Cheap SEO packages and services are not worth your business.

Won’t even deliver your Basic SEO

Search engine algorithms are heavily focused on user-experience these days. That means low-quality content stuffed with keywords is not going to cut it. Agencies offering cheap SEO packages rarely spend the time to produce high-quality content consistently. They also do not spend the time conducting basic link outreach; instead, they rely on poor quality links that offer little benefit. 

Defective link building techniques

When SEO was new in the world of digital marketing, backlinks were the golden key to high search result rankings. Instead of the quality, people started focusing on the number of links obtained, and this worked for them. 

However now, Google has changed its algorithms considerably, and the concept of link building has come to a long distance. But SEO agencies that offer their services at cheap rates still use the same technique today. 

They will probably build links to your website through automated software or from minimal trusted sites. However, you may not immediately see enormous consequences. But in the long term, you will be at risk of getting penalised by Google due to low-quality content and poor link building strategies, resulting in your site being obliterated from organic search result pages.

Proper link building takes time and regular maintenance, which is why professional SEO companies charge a higher price. So it is best to avoid cheap SEO packages and work with a reputable SEO agency instead.

Do not focus on Long-Term Commitments.

The SERPs trends keep on changing, so your SEO agency should frequently plan new strategies and ideas, and you must build a long-term relationship with your agency.

Cheap SEO packages do not cover this type of maintenance. If your competitors keep up their SEO customs while you stop yours, eventually they will supersede you in the rankings.

An SEO solution must be applied to your business before they can ensure results. This is something you can not expect from companies who do not want to grow or maintain a long-term relationship. Therefore, you should always ask yourself about the cost you are paying. 

SEO is an Investment

The money you spend on getting your search engine optimisation necessities done will come back to you someday. Letting semi-skilled and unpolished people do the job means putting yourself at more risk.

Expert SEO companies might take more money, but their work will return you more than what you spent. These companies have competitors in the digital market. So they know that they should give the most reliable service to keep on surviving.

On the flip side, spending money on cheap SEO services means paying someone to make your business worse. They will look for ways to finish your work in the briefest time possible. Their job is to attract people with a low price tag and cheat. So if you focus a lot on the budget part, you are sure to be scammed.

Besides all the factors mentioned above, doing regular maintenance, building up good backlinks, and creating quality content is time taking; which is why expert SEO agencies have to charge more. Unfortunately, cheap SEO packages or Local SEO services not only get you less; it usually gets you nothing at all. Or can even worse, destroy your digital presence in a long-lasting way.

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