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Our 5 minute SEO guide for physiotherapists

Biscuit Digital Team

Biscuit Digital Team

Our 5 minute SEO guide for physiotherapists

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Our 5 minute SEO guide for physiotherapists

A quick guide on how SEO for physiotherapists can be done in 2020.

Why physiotherapists need SEO

I write this while adjusting my back at my desk for proper form. I’ve had back pain. Who hasn’t? And when we do, the first step to finding the solution is taking to google. Needless to say then, that being featured in searches such as ‘physios near me’ is essential. 

When consulting with physios, the average lead can be worth in excess of £150 due to the multiple sessions needed to fix musculoskeletal problems. Hence isn’t it worth investing that time into proper SEO for your physiotherapy clinic?

Keywords to rank when doing SEO for your physiotherapy clinic

In our 5 minute guides, we always love to give an example keyword. This article is no exception.

The keyphrase ‘physiotherapy Manchester’, gets 1300 searches a month and has a CPC (cost per click) of £2.14. This seems great however to be getting all that traffic organically will take time so be patient. This is just 1 keyword; we advise you to rank 30 to 100 words/phrases when you are committing to doing SEO for physiotherapists. Get in touch with us at Biscuit Digital for an in-depth keywords list for physiotherapists. The 5 main steps we’d recommend for you to rank ‘physiotherapy Manchester’ are as follows:

  1. 107 backlinks on your website
  2. Optimizing like crazy for on-page SEO for the keyphrase ‘physiotherapy manchester’’
  3. A domain authority of 30
  4. Using schema to make sure your listing stands out even more
  5. And of course, don’t forget some great relevant content.

Are your competing clinics utilising SEO for physiotherapists?

SEO for physiotherapists

The SERP shown above shows the most SEO proficient physiotherapists ranking for the keyword phrase “physiotherapy manchester”. These are your competitors and you may even know them if you are residing within Manchester. 

The physiotherapists above are receiving in excess of £2500 worth of traffic monthly. Moreover, the beauty of this is that they get this monthly motorway of visitors without paying a monthly cost. They have created an online asset which will outlast any PPC or Facebook ads campaign!

A content guide specific to SEO for physiotherapists?

There is nothing quite like a solid content plan. This plan should be set at the start of each month to guide you through what content you are going to produce. It should outline topics and what keywords they are going to target and hence be optimised for.

At biscuit digital, we feel like the content you start with should have a strong video presence within the blogs. Here are a few example blogs styles you can think of writing:

  1. ‘How to ease the pain?’ for example with a condition such as tendonitis (great article to write as there can be many variations just like there are different variations of tendonitis)
  2. ‘What causes? ‘ (we are going to use tendonitis as an example again. You can write some solid information regarding the causes.)
  3. ‘Great exercises for..’ (for this one we can talk about the anterior cruciate ligament. You can write some great articles on how to strengthen it and then, therefore, prevent injury.

SEO for physiotherapists: the conclusion

Ultimately, this guide has given you a brief overview of what you can expect with ranking your physiotherapist with SEO. Moreover showing, if done properly, how profitable it can be. It is a time-taking procedure. Just like you would have to develop your brand on the high street, you have to do the same with google. However, with the right content plans, optimisation and keyword planning, it can be done a lot quicker. 

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