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SEO for accountants in 5 minutes

Biscuit Digital Team

Biscuit Digital Team

SEO for accountants in 5 minutes

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Our guide is going to run you through the main focal points on how SEO for accountants needs to be done.

Every business owner needs an accountant. That is 5.9 million customers, as of 2020, individual entrepreneurs that cannot function without you. A quick guide on SEO for accountants.

How many clients do you have?

Have you got a nice little piece of this gargantuan pie?

SEO for accountants is crucial for you to build that client list. And if you don’t believe me let’s look at the statistics in this article below.

Ranking keywords by using SEO for your accountancy

A keyword such as ‘accountants in london’ has 3600 searches a month with a CPC (cost per click) of £7.59. Now I am not going to sell you a dream as SEO is a long term solution. However, when done correctly, imagine getting even 3% of that traffic. That is 108 business owners walking into your front door; needing your services. Exactly how would you use search engine optimization to get your accountancy on the front page? 

  1. 174 backlinks on your website
  2. Optimizing like crazy for on page SEO for that the keyword ‘accountants in london’
  3. A domain authority of 39
  4. Using schema to make sure your listing stands out even more
  5. And of course don’t forget some great relevant content.

Are your competing firms utilising SEO for accountants?

SEO for Accountants

The SERP above shows the top 4 ingenious accountants taking initiative with SEO. Now, i’m not going to say much more as you guys are the accountants and can check their balance sheets better than I ever could.

So for those who’ve just had a quick little visit to companies house, welcome back.

A content guide specific to SEO for accountants?

YOU need to be writing content for your consumers. Really think about what your most asked questions are. What information does every business owner have a query about? 

These are the guides you need to be creating. Recently, Biscuit Digital was set up as a limited company and we came across a great article on setting up a limited company to do a little light reading to brush up on some information. You can be doing the same.

Furthermore, you can also go onto various forums and questions/answer sites such as and see what people are asking and wanting to know. This can be a great way to get your accountancy on the map for providing value!

A few questions we found that you may want to write articles on may be:

  • Which is the best accounting software?
  • How do I claim back emergency tax? (UK)
  • How will investing affect my taxes? (UK)

Is there any point in me writing content already available, to do SEO for my accountancy?

Of course there is! 

You may have a unique style to your writing that may add that extra sauce that generates those extra backlinks and traffic, you really need. Also, as long as your backlinks for that page are higher in quality and quantity for your desired keywords, then you should almost certainly beat the rank higher for your keyword competitors.

Don’t forget, the internet is a huge place and by now most questions and guides have been published. It’s just a question of which content is better.

If you skipped to the end, scroll back up^ 

SEO for accountants: the conclusion

All in all, using adequate SEO for accountancy firms is an invaluable investment that you shouldn’t wait to get on board with any longer. It’s only getting harder with the youth quickly realising this and the demand for SEO growing exponentially. 

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