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SEO for Lawyers- The actionable tips you need!

Biscuit Digital Team

Biscuit Digital Team

SEO for Lawyers- The actionable tips you need!

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Do you know your potential customers are already searching for you? Learn SEO for lawyers with this article.

But how easy is it for them to reach you? Likewise, your law firm is also looking for customers. 

How can your law firm survive without the correct marketing? Many law firms believe in the traditional modes of advertisement like TV or newspapers to promote their legal services. You could advertise your legal firm on a billboard and think that BOOM… You’re supposed to get more clients. Well, these tools are outdated now. 

Seo for lawyers

Digital media platforms bring enormous returns. SEO is the most appropriate tool for lawyers. Online searches can be more powerful than word of mouth or any other social media platform. A digital marketing plan is truly necessary to design the best SEO based strategy for a lawyer’s firm. It ensures the growth and visibility of your website. This article is based on different SEO ideas for lawyers to attract new clients for your law firm. 

Seo for lawyers

Why SEO is important for a legal firm?

A consumer’s response to a business has been dramatically changed in the last decade. People like to search and find a suitable legal firm through Google. Using this to your advantage, your legal firm can draw new customers via your website. The importance of SEO for a legal firm can never be overlooked. SEO for lawyers is a potential tool to bring organic traffic to their website. As compared to other means of digital marketing, SEO brings organic traffic or more precisely, visitors to your website. 

Seo for lawyers

It ensures the exponential growth of your leads if focused on carefully. 

Almost 51% of a website’s traffic comes from SEO.

SEO for lawyers always seems difficult without having proper tools, data, and research. If you want to get measurable and reasonable goals in a defined period, you should seek the guidance of digital media experts and professional SEO writers. 

SEO for lawyers vs. Paid advertisement:

SEO for lawyers is an imperative tool to get long-term benefits from the investment. Although paid advertisement boosts the number of visitors to your website, it is expensive. Only a few visitors pay enough attention to ads for them to click and view them, while most viewers find them spammy. Moreover, SEO is more affordable than paid digital advertising. This is because, if you have implemented the right SEO strategy, your website will remain among the top Search Engine Result Pages for a longer duration. 

Seo for lawyers

What are the attributes of a good blog or article for a legal firm?

The better your content is, the more chances you have for a good ranking. 

Almost 82% of visitors are influenced by reading blogs, content, or articles on your website.

Which types of blogs are considered as being reliable and help to improve rankings? 

This is a common question asked by law firms. Here is a list of a few attributes that can help to improve the ranking of your website among SERPs. 

  1. The word length for a good blog ranges between 1000-2000 words
  2. Your blog must target the problem of your audience with a preferable solution
  3. Your blog must fully cover all the aspects of a topic
  4. Try to add pictures, videos, and infographics
  5. Your blog must be digestible. Make it easily understandable for anyone reading it
  6. Your blog must be fully optimized for SEO for lawyers
Seo for lawyers

How will your legal firm benefit after implementing SEO tactics?

The benefits of SEO based digital marketing can be overlooked. When many law firms are working in a specific area, how can your law firm be distinguished from others? No one gets to know about your services unless you brag about them. Besides professionalism and experience, digital marketing is also important. SEO brings connectivity with potential customers that establish the market position of your legal firm. People spend a lot of time browsing a firm’s websites before visiting them in-person. Have a look at the  benefits that you can get from SEO through blogs or article writing. 

  1. SEO improves the online visibility of the website:

You can connect SEO supported articles to your social media platforms. There are chances that someone may be looking for your legal expertise. 

It has been estimated that 91% of online users use multiple search engines to find relevant information.

SEO for lawyers proves helpful when a user shares your content with friends or family members. Besides improving the ranking in SERPs, SEO also increases the visibility of your website simultaneously. Creating backlinks with external websites also impacts SEO writing. 

Seo for lawyers
  1. Establish your market position:

It does not matter how long your legal firm is working unless it is recognized by clients. Previously, lawyers relied on typical means of advertisement to help people to get to know about their legal services. However, this traditional way of marketing takes a lot of time to establish the credibility of a legal firm. Meanwhile, SEO for lawyers establishes the market position of your website. The effective SEO tactics make your website higher among search engines. 

Biscuit Digital
  1. Publish supportive and legal content on your website:

When you publish relevant content on your law firm’s website, it will allow your firm to become more discoverable. Posting content with authentic information brings potential customers to your website. SEO for lawyers targets the potential audience with relevant keywords. Moreover, you can publish recent cases on your website to build the trust of the clients. Always keep the clients up to date about the latest news and legal changes. 

Biscuit Digital
  1. Establish the credibility of your legal firm:

The built-in review system of Google allows increasing the credibility of your legal firm via the reviews of previous clients. 

According to the National Law Review, 96% of the clients browse websites to seek legal advice.

In this way, potential customers directly trust you. This review based SEO, for lawyers, broadens the perspective of clients. Even your quick response rate on negative comments speaks well of your legal assistance. This attitude shows that you actually care for your customers to provide them legal assistance. 

Biscuit Digital

What are the hidden SEO tips for a lawyer’s firm?

Even established companies like Google, Bing, or Yahoo fall in line with SEO for meaningful online visibility of their websites. If you are looking to increase organic traffic or simply you want to increase the visibility of your law firm, you should focus on improving SEO writing. Improved and unique SEO based content helps your website to appear on the top of page 1 of the SERPs. For a law firm, first-page ranking generates credibility and trust among visitors. Hence, nobody will move on to the next page to get their desired services. Start implementing these hidden tactics to get successful results. 

  • Choose the right keywords:

Do not forget to use keyword research tools to find relevant keywords for your legal firm. SEO for lawyers will only be useful when you have used relevant keywords to analyze the competition. The use of long tail keywords is recommended to reduce competition. For example, you can target specific keywords such as ‘’personal injury lawyers in Manchester’’ or ‘’divorce lawyers in London’’. The selection of keywords is based on the following criteria.

  • Pick keywords according to your targeted audience: find out what your target audience wants to search.
  • Be strategic selecting the keyword’s volume: you can find the volume of a keyword’s searches by using multiple tools such as ‘Google Keyword Planner’ or ‘Keywords Everywhere’.
  • Select impactful and commercially-linked keywords: use market-oriented keywords that indicate client problems.
  • Find the keyword’s competition: use Google Keyword Planner, Moz, and SEMRush to find the competition of a targeted keyword
Biscuit Digital
  • Use simple language:

A layperson without holding a law degree cannot understand complicated jargon. That’s why avoid using too many legal terminologies in your content. SEO for lawyers pushes for understandable legal writing for a better understanding for readers. 

Seo for lawyers
  • Add backlinks and refer to domains:

The backlinks and referring domains bring authorization to your legal firm’s website. It acts as a vote of confidence received from an external source. On an average for targeted keywords, you need at least 256 referring domains to rank on the first page of Google. However, SEO becomes a little bit expensive when the number of backlinks or referring domains increase but in the end, it is worth a lot. Here is a description of referring domains required to get beneficial results from SEO for lawyers.

  • Personal injury law firm: requires at least 264 referring domains
  • Family or divorce law firm: requires 120 referring domains to generate leads
  • Criminal defense law firm: on an average, it requires 150 referring domains
Seo for lawyers
  • Optimize your meta-data:

A meta-description is a quick summary of the legal services that you are providing to your targeted consumers. SEO for lawyers encourages optimizing the meta-data with a killer description. It will automatically improve the ranking of your website as your click-rate is increased. Try to use heading tags because it gives ideas to search engines on how to find your topic. 

Always follow the rule; use 1 H1 tag, multiple H2 tags, and a few H3 tags on your page.

Seo for lawyers
  • Implement technical SEO improvements:

The technical issues of a legal firm’s website must be handled carefully. SEO for lawyers encourages finding a good SEO company to clean up your website. The most common technical issue is the security of your content. 

Almost 49% of the small legal firms are attacked by hackers.

An unsecured website can never compete with others in the market. Your web page loading speed must be less than 2 seconds. Law firms can also use Schema to increase the chances higher rankings for their website. 

Biscuit Digital

The figure above shows a phenomenal google page loading score of 97 from google. Which of course, is great for SEO.

  • Keep on updating your content:

Content delivery is an integral part to keep your website among top search pages. Focus on producing at least one vlog or blog for your website with both internal and external links. A unique and creative SEO for lawyers strategy keeps you active in the business world. Research clearly explains this phenomenon.

A law firm that has actively updated fresh content received more than 3,000 organic visitors while a website that did not update its website just received 182 organic visitors.

Biscuit Digital
  • Try to focus on a single domain:

When you focus on a single domain for legal services, you have more chances to rank your website on the first page of Google or Bing. A narrow or specialized focus gives you a special advantage to attract more clients. SEO for lawyers helps to outrank those particular legal services from your competitors. It has been observed that the keyword ‘’personal injury lawyer’’ + ‘’specified city name’’ is 91% more prominent than you search for lawyers alone. 

Seo for lawyers
  • More interactive user interface:

To support the perspective of your legal firm, your website must be visually appealing compared to a competitor’s site. The user experience undoubtedly matters when ranking your website among top search engine pages. The common practice is to add to short videos, create short preview based questions, and connect your website with social media. SEO for lawyers helps to connect the aforementioned tactics with their blogs or home pages to create awareness. Similarly, an interactive, up-to-date, and visually appealing website automatically brings new customers.

Seo for lawyers
  • Manage your content:

It has been estimated that law firms rank among the top pages of Google by managing their content. Apart from writing SEO for lawyers, the management of content is equally important. For content management services (CMS), WordPress is preferably used. SEO and WordPress provide synergistic results to improve the overall ranking of your website. 

Biscuit Digital
  • Build and optimize web pages:

The most important SEO factor for lawyers is optimising  existing web pages. Make sure that you have dedicated pages for each service you are providing. Browse your competitors’ website and find what you are missing on your website. Most people are unaware of legal processes, so you can add a short description of them with supporting videos. Moreover, use infographics and add FAQs. 

Almost 70% of visitors focus to learn about your legal services via content pages, blogs, or articles rather than ads. That’s why we need to focus on SEO.

Seo for lawyers
  • Target local communities:

You can target your SEO content to local communities, local chambers, and local groups. SEO for lawyers can help to directly connect your firm with people. When you link to any local event, people can also get a chance to meet you face-to-face. 

Seo for lawyers


Colorado Legal Group

  • Colorado Legal Group is an extremely experienced legal firm that deals with divorce issues and child custody problems. From representation to practice, everything is closely monitored on their website. Besides having an interactive home page, Colorado Legal Group has explained valuable information on its website. They have optimized the web pages to get a higher ranking. Their fairly targeted keyword is ‘’family and divorce law attorney’’. Whenever you search this specific keyword, Colorado Legal Group is at the top.
Seo for lawyers
  • Moreover, they established the credibility of their page by providing customer-based reviews. It allows their potential customers to know about their services. This authorization brings the trust of the customers. 
Seo for lawyers
  • Moreover, their website is connected with the social media platforms. Whenever a customer reads their content, they share it with friends or family. It creates awareness about the brand. This type of connectivity is improving their performance by linking many customers within the premises of Denver. 
Seo for lawyers
  • They have optimized their SEO practices according to their targeted audience. Moreover, they have focused on one domain. They have uploaded engaging content that encourages readers to spend more time on their website. The content of their blogs drives solutions to the problem of clients. Their SEO based blogs cover all major topics related to divorce, child custody, and remarriage issues. 
Seo for lawyers
  • Their home page and content pages are supported by videos. Those videos also lend a hand to their clients to know about them. Visually appealing videos also create credibility. 
Seo for lawyers
  • They have also linked their blogs from external articles. These backlinks determine their credibility. All these factors jointly bring more traffic to their page.
Biscuit Digital


SEO for lawyers is an important commodity. Most law firms invest in SEO practices to improve organic traffic and conversion rates. Surely, you will have some bold new ideas for your law firm’s website from this article. Additionally, the importance of blogging and SEO writing compels you to start updating content now. Move with the pace and keep on updating your online assets. The statistics and tactics explained above give you an insight into how to improve the overall ranking of your website. This type of internet marketing will mark the growth of your law firm’s business. Set up your blog and fundamental SEO traditions today to get outstanding results. 

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