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Why you need to rank your website on Google in 2020? A Biscuit Digital Introduction

Biscuit Digital Team

Biscuit Digital Team

Why you need to rank your website on Google in 2020? A Biscuit Digital Introduction

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Why do you need to rank your website on Google in 2020? A Biscuit Digital Introduction

This ones going to be tasty- a simple guide on why SEO is vital right now in ranking your website.

Now Or Never

This recession has LEVELLED the playing field with all the major business pitbulls being reduced to paying out furlough and increasing their DEBT. In this article, I am going to tell you THE SINGLE MESSAGE you needed to hear ever since your business doors shut and revenue STOPPED because you’re lacking SEO and you haven’t ranked your website…

Business is going online

According to Babs Jamieson, a commercial lawyer, ‘there’s a serious appetite for change’ when it comes to entrepreneurship in the UK. As a whole, this relates to how so many small business owners are venturing into new forms of revenue. I believe there’s no better place to capture this than the search engines we all use everyday. Biscuit Digital’s spent years meticulously refining our techniques to help rank websites on the 1st page.

The best place of revenue is online. Boundless customers that a Pandemic can’t even detain.

GROW while the corporations DROWN.

What is SEO?

Google and other search engines are your brokers and they rank websites according to their algorithms. If you want their respect and favours, you need to prove to them that you are helping them out as well. Search Engines are directories and in one way altruistically providing their users with information.

Where does this information come from? It needs to come from you in order to rank your website..

If you can prove to Google that you are the best provider for this information, you will get infinite rewards in the forms of organic traffic and your site getting ranked.

Major aspects in SEO?

The ways our team at Biscuit Digital gets Google on your side are through these bullet points below:

  • Blogs
  • Backlinks
  • Keyword research
  • Local SEO
  • Citations
  • Social media
  • Web Design 


Your website is what’s going to make or break your business. So all the information in this article is going to give you the start you need to get ahead of your competition and make sure you have at least developed an understanding of why you need to rank your website through SEO..

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